Thailand Tour 2019

Thailand Itinerary (subject to change at organisers discretion)

 DATES 5th to 18th February 2019 Deposit required to confirm place. Bespoke Payment Schedules arranged at request. Full payment must be in place before 5th January 2019. All payments final and non-refundable.

Full cost £3499 includes transfers, accommodation, model fees, elephant fees, in country travel, most meals and tuition.

Deposit of £700 secures place.

Non Photographing partners welcome to join us. Prices on application

Day #1


Advise us of your arrival time and flight number to Chiang Mai and you will be met at the airport and transported to the hotel. Members of the team will be at the hotel to help you settle in. Nothing formal is arranged for this day as people will be arriving at different times but you're welcome to sleep, swim, explore or book a model for a shoot. The hotel is very well appointed with swimming pool, gym, sauna and superb bathrooms to ease off the aches of travel.

Day #2

Breakfast meeting at the hotel.
From there we'll walk together into the old town of Chiang Mai stopping for ad hoc shoots along the way and getting a feel for the look and climate of this beautiful city. We'll stop for drinks and snacks along the way but this is chance to get any last minute props you want to use, spot key locations for future shoots and get ready for.....

ARRIVALS DINNER. Chance to have a great Thai meal, a few Chiang Beers and cocktails and really get to know the rest of the party before work starts in earnest.

Day #3

After Breakfast we'll start shooting around the streets surrounding the hotel. There are a huge range of locations to be found in all manner of styles. The models will have some ideas for locations and a range of outfits. John will be on hand to offer advice and guidance on lighting and posing. Throughout the day we'll include breaks and if you want to stop and have a swim then come back to the shooting then you can do so. We'll have a mandatory siesta stop after lunch during the hottest part of the day.


Day #4

This is where it starts to get really interesting. At 11am you'll pile into an open backed truck and be driven up into the hills above Chiang Mai to the stunning setting of Chai Lai Orchid at the side of the Mae Wang river. On arrival your luggage will be delivered to your accommodation whilst you have lunch on a terrace overlooking the elephant village. After lunch you'll cross the river footbridge into the camp and meet the elephants for the first time. You'll be briefed on all aspects of safety and etiquette for working with these incredible animals. Whatever apprehensions you may have will quickly be dispelled as we work with Mr Bay and his team of mahouts. We'll tour the whole site in daylight to acquaint yourself with the layout, locations and accommodation.


Day #5

Small group of photographers will start the morning in the river with Seavoy and one model. Others will shoot with model in the jungle.

General shooting around the camp and surrounding area for remainder of the day.


Day #6

Another small group shoot first thing and general shooting around the camp. In the afternoon we'll go to a stunning waterfall close to the camp and visit a Buddhist temple.


Day #7

Those that haven't had a group session in the river with Seavoy will have the chance this morning with more shoots arranged around the camp including a wedding celebration with the elephants and model in bridal attire.


Day #8

In the morning we'll explore the forest around the camp with the elephants, feeding them, washing them in the river and finding out more about them directly from their Mahouts. From matriarch Seavoy to the newest baby Suki, you'll get closer to the animals than you ever thought possible.
We'll then have a gentle rafting expedition down the Mae Wang on bamboo pole rafts piloted by  a local guide. Perfect opportunity to reflect on the experiences so far and to come. That afternoon we'll get back in the truck and drive further into the hills for a truly unique jungle living experience. We'll shoot and swim in an idyllic remote waterfall, have dinner cooked by in traditional Karen style and share beers and chat late into the night around the campfire. A night that will truly seal the bonds made on the trip so far.

Day #9
Next day the more adventurous are taken on a hike through the jungle. This is quite a test and not for the faint hearted. Stout footwear and a good pair of lungs are required. Those not participating will have shooting opportunities before being driven to the end point of the hike to meet the group and more elephants. By this time we'll all be in need of a good bath and so it's back into Chiang Mai for some well deserved pampering at our hotel.


Day #10


You'll be glad of it and chance to arrange your pictures, laundry and book any individual shoots with the models or just explore the town.

Day #11
A day like no other we've experienced so far. We'll drive to a traditional Thai Wedding Venue. The models will be made up in Thai dress and be joined by some local models to give a truly authentic styling to this beautiful venue. The lighting and styling in the location are superb and a day there will not feel like enough.

Day #12

You can have an image critique with John during the first part of the day and shoot around the hotel. In the evening we'll go into Chiang Mai and explore in the darkness, the point at which the city truly comes alive. No telling what we'll find but crank up the ISO and be prepared to be amazed.


Day #13

Expedition into the countryside for a range of location shoots. Final Dinner

Day #14

Departures. Time to say goodbye to Chiang Mai, knowing that it will call you back at some stage in your life, 2020 anyone?


5th to 18th feb
+44 (0)1964 501712