Out in the Street

We showed you some of Megan-Rose bringing the street to a halt outside Ark and here’s more from the Natural Light set.

When shooting natural light it’s important to assess the direction and intensity of the light from all angles before selecting location. This is something we cover on all workshops involving natural light. In this instance I turned her into the strongest flow of light to highlight her features and stomach muscles.

The double denim look was selected by Meg and it suited the grungy textures outside the studio.

All shot on D850 at f2.8 on 70-200mm lens. I upped the ISO a little to give a good fast shutter speed so shot at ISO 400 and 1/1600’s. There’s little reduction in quality between my usual ISO200 and 400 so a little grain added in Lightroom and colours tweaked.

A Hahnel speedlight on top of the camera was powered right down on Manual just to add a little crispness to the light falling on Megan-Rose.

Want to shoot this style with me? Come along to Ark at the end of the month www.johndentontraining.com/proofing

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