On the Stairs

I love the staircase at Ark and always looking for different ways to use it. On the Sunday of SKIN Workshop we had strong light coming through the small window on the upper stairwell which filled that white painted area with light. I metered for Georgia as she was turned against the flow of light so that the strongest light flared out when it hit the lens directly.

We wanted to shoot a set that was erotic in feel and yet not too revealing and so used just a pair of tights and coupled it with the slick back hair, dark eyes and red lipstick. It’s a classic look and Georgia just rocked it. She’s come a long way in the time I’ve known her and this set showed just how much control and understanding she has of her limbs and expression. An essential skill in any model.

No extra flash or reflectors used. The white walls are accentuating the flow of light around the image and all shot on 50mm lens to skew proportions a little when we get close up to the subject.

Part 2 of the shoot coming tomorrow.

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