Lights and Bokeh

Wedding Workshop this week down near London and loved this shot. The lights were hanging from the ceiling in a barn. I positioned Sophie so that the light from a doorway was lighting her beautifully with the lights in the background. Took a series of shots of the lights too, changing my focus manually so they became more and less out of focus.

In Photoshop then dragged the layers of out of focus lights onto the original image. Changed their blending mode to Lighten so only the orbs rendered on the image and masked them out anywhere I didn’t want them.

Used content aware fill to get rid of the window and easy as that!

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2 thoughts on “Lights and Bokeh

    1. Thanks Unni, remarkably fun technique to use whenever there’s lights around and so easy to add the extra atmosphere to the shot. Love that it was all done with the ambient light and yet looks like a flash shot

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