Shot with gels last week in a set we put together at the studio. I wanted to portray Carwen in a strong and powerful pose and I guess there’s elements of SciFi and all sorts in the look.

We made use of the hanging beams in Ark and taped up some plastic strips left around after painting. It’s the stuff used to protect windows and the like from splashes.

A red gel and a blue gel were then attached to two lights, one either side and behind Carwen, angled forward a little to catch the strips.

I put a beauty dish in front, high and angled down to light her with white light and let the background catch the colours.

Power output adjusted a little on the side lights until the colour really came through and was balanced with the light on Carrie.

A little smoke and a little wind added in then to move the strips around and these are the results.

If you’d like to shoot similar then come on down to one of the upcoming workshops at Ark and we’ll give it a go.

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