First shots with Valentina

Valentina came to the Ark on Tuesday with a view to her joining our team of regular models. She’d done some work before but not a great deal and so it was important to ease her through the test shoot programme.

As always I started with natural light headshots. Simple images that have her sat on a stool so she’s not having to think about that awkward standing pose. She can relax, smile, concentrate on expression and I can see how she reacts to simple direction and talk to her. It’s the best way to start a shoot and given that we have the great window light at Ark it seems daft not to put it to good use.

Big window behind me putting soft light into the room, a white wall to the left and a white v flat to the right so she is effectively in a white box of soft light. Very flattering and beautiful light to work in.

Add in the classic blue jeans, white shirt combo and a superb jacket she brought with her and it was a rocking start to her career at Ark.

All shot on 85mm lens on the D850 at f1.8 to give super shallow depth of field on the closeups. I love this effect. I’ve started using the facial tracking autofocus on the D850 and have to say it’s excellent on these shots.

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