Although I often post long series of images from a shoot there are always an image or two that really spring out. This was true in this set of Beka.

You know the setup, window light coming from behind me from large window providing soft even light. Two black v flats positioned to provide side walls and a back. In this instance I added a black cloth over the top to add shadow into the hair.

I wanted to add an element into the shoot that jarred a little and made it feel ad hoc. I chose not to retouch the backdrop so you see flaws and imperfections on there. I also shot it on a 50mm lens which is wider than I would normally shoot close up work like this. I like the bit of distortion it adds to the image. This all comes together in this image where her head is slightly enlarged, her body v shapes away and the shallow depth of field focusses you into her eyes. The focus fades off by the time it hits her waist band.

High contrast BW look applied in Lightroom. No other retouching done.

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