Ana on the Stairs 3

The last couple of picture posts have featured Ana on the landing on the middle floor at Ark. This set was taken on the upper flight of stairs, looking back to a window that provides soft light into the area. It’s very even light and required a boost of the ISO to give an exposure at reasonable shutter speed.
Ahead of the workshop this coming Sunday we wanted to explore one of the elements that goes a long way to telling a story in Boudoir style photography, the angles of the legs.
It’s something I’ve talked about previously and how an open groin, whether wearing pants, jeans or a wedding dress, will always tell a certain story. Even if the groin isn’t pointed straight to camera.
In this style Ana was wearing fishnets with no underwear. Had she not covered herself then it would have been a very different image and not one we subscribe to!
Despite all those reservations the style is very much what we wanted, a sensual image of a strong and confident woman.

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