1, 2, 3 Lighting

1, 2, 3 Lighting

Have you ever
felt overwhelmed looking at studio flash and the options it provides?
Would you walk into a studio, look at everything available and then
retreat into safe and tried one light options?
If so then this
series of Workshops at Ark, Birmingham is for you.

You can
elect to attend any or all of the sessions, in sequence is preferable
but all are stand alone sessions so you can dip in or out as desired.
Complete all three and we guarantee you’ll walk into a studio with
complete confidence to produce beautiful imagery. The courses are
aimed at photographers with little understanding of studio flash,
those who have some experience but want more, or those who have
fallen into a rut of consistently doing the same things and wanting
to break out to explore new ideas and inspirations. If you want to
discuss whether this is for you then drop us a line.

session will include full tuition, notes pack, lighting diagrams and
licence to use the images in your portfolio. You will work under
John’s supervision with one of the Ark Modelling Team in a range of
styles. Groups are strictly limited to six photographers to optimise
learning and shooting time.

Each session starts at 0930 with coffee
and tea reception. Sign in and meet your fellow delegates. They are
not just your teammates on the day. They will become your ongoing
support network as you move through your photographic development.
We’ll break for lunch around 1300, all delegates are asked to bring
their own meals, a fridge is provided for safe storage. Plates and
cutlery are available as are hot drinks and cold water. We aim to
wrap up around 1600.

Ark Studio is close to the middle of
Birmingham with plenty of on street parking around it. If you are
travelling by air or rail then let us know and we may be able to
arrange transfer from Birmingham International or New Street Station.
There is a good choice of accommodation available locally in a
variety of price points.

LIGHTING 1 – The Soft Cell

do you understand by the term, Soft Light? It’s something that’s
batted around regularly but do you know how to use it? Do you
recognise it when you see it and understand the advantages, and
disadvantages of using soft light? Do you know the range of modifiers
at your disposal to create soft lighting looks? We’ll cover all of
this and more. You’ll work with a model to create images that will
develop your understanding of the technical skills of lighting as
well as pose and direction when working with people.

2 – The Hard Cell

So often we hear photographers talk of
only using Soft Light when working with portraits. Not so at Ark.
Hard Light may be trickier to use but offers a fantastic range of
possibilities for superb images. We’ll look at what constitutes hard
light. When you should use it, which modifiers create it and how to
position it effectively to create stunning images.

– The Mix

This is where it all comes together.
You’ll learn how to use combinations of soft and hard light to
produce stunning multiple light setups that flatter your subjects and
give great drama to your shots.
By the end of this session you
will understand how, and why, we put certain lighting combinations
together and which modifiers to consider to do particular jobs.

session can be attended individually at a cost of £125 for the day.
Alternatively why not purchase a Complete Lighting Ticket for just
£300. We have three dates available for each session, if you are
considering doing all three then 1 and 2 can be done in any order but
we would advise doing The Mix as your final session.

If you are purchasing a Complete
Lighting Ticket as a Christmas Gift then we can provide a gift
certificate to present to the photographer in your life.

you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Lighting 1 – 16th November 2019, 23rd February 2020, 8th May 2020
Lighting 2 – 30th November 2019, 29th February 2020, , 9th May 2020
Lighting 3 – 14th December 2019, 8th March 2020, 10th May 2020

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