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If you come on a photography workshop what do you expect?

A mathematician to guide you through? A carer to the elderly? A Chef? A Police Officer?

John has been all of these and it was whilst managing a Helicopter Unit that he harnessed his love for photography with the commitment to go full time in the business.

That was back in 2003.

Since then John has rapidly been accepted into the upper echelons of world photography. He has sold out workshops across Europe as well as back at his studio.

John's first book, "One Light Flash" was published in 2011 and has sold out in numerous English and Foreign Language translations.

It is his belief that no photographer can truly understand the art of photographing people without photographing Nudes.

To pose and light a body without any other obstacles will make you a better photographer of brides, models. lifestylers, models.....

His main passion though is light.. If you understand light you will get better images, regardless of how they are styled.

It is the essentials of photography that delight John. That has been recognised by numerous companies embracing him as a Brand Ambassador. Elinchrom and The Flash Centre provide his lighting and support workshops. Permajet have honoured him as an ambassador for their papers and inks. LightBlue Softwards, Portrait Pro, Animoto and Datacolor Spyder are also supporters of #TeamDenton. He is a leading educator with the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers.

In 2010 he was named a Fellow of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. In 2012 he was honoured with a Master of Photography Award from the same Society, In 2015 he was invited to judge and present at WPPI in Las Vegas.

Sophie Canare is a Midlands based film producer, actress that has been modelling, alongside her other career choices, for over 10 years.

A couple of years ago, the Sophie of today didn't exist. A savvy and popular bar manager , she had everything available to her to build a comfortable and financially secure life. But she wasn't happy… Because she didn't truly exist.

Until one day when she realised that her ‘hobbies’ were only being perceived as such by others because she was treating them as such. She decided to change it all, risk it all and claim her dreams to be achievable.

Quitting a profession to pursue a new one at the age of 25, is a risk not many are prepared to take. Sophie was afraid, terrified really; but her stubborn character (a true Taurus after all!) meant she couldn't give up; not just for herself, but because ‘everyone was watching’.

She spent all her money on her first film and insisted on not asking favours from anybody to complete the production. She started working towards building a name, a brand, and spreading the message she wanted to send to the masses - that we have the power to change the world for better. She started treating modelling as a career and began charging for her time, which allowed her to support her own company. In October 2017, she went for a test shoot with John Denton and that was when the brand #JandS was firstly seeded.

Under the mentoring and direction of John, Sophie saw modelling as a more leading part of her life than what she just thought was a part time job. She started shaping her work and self presentation. She acquired a better understanding of photography as an artistic endeavour. Modelling was not about extra income and beautiful pictures to update her portfolio with anymore. Now it was an opportunity to express herself in front of a camera, to capture a reality, an emotion; to tell a story; it was, indeed, another vehicle for the message she wanted to pass on.

Following the next few months of collaboration with John, the brand #JandS was born when the two combined their artistic vision to pursue the creation of genuine, pure, raw inspiration. From their studio in Birmingham they now teach and tour the world, shooting images and sharing their creative passion with photographers.